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Can Memphis Pumps be used for fluids other than water?

Yes! Although water is the most common fluid handled, Memphis Pumps can be furnished for a wide range of fluids, including caustics, some acids, glycols, brines and salt water, most hydrocarbons, liquid fertilizer, and many solvents.

What are the fluid temperature limits for Memphis Pumps?

The standard shaft seals are normally satisfactory to at least 180 degrees F. Shaft seal materials are readily available for most liquids that are normally handled with centrifugal pumps.

Are Memphis Pumps self priming?

No. All Memphis Pumps are straight centrifugals. These are normally used in a flooded suction condition. However, by using a foot valve on the end of the suction line, and manually filling the pump casing and the suction line with liquid, a straight centrifugal will lift (pull) up to about 20 feet.

Can electric motors be furnished for electrical conditions other that the normal 115/230 single phase and 208-230/460 three phase services?

Yes! Most Memphis Pumps can be furnished with a variety of driving motors. We offer 190/380 50 cycle, 200 and 575 volt, ODP, TEFC, explosion proof, chemical processing and washdown enclosure motors.

What is lead time on Memphis Pumps?

Most pumps are built after receipt of your order. This way we are able to furnish the best possible product for each application. We normally ship orders within one week, but most pumps can be assembled and shipped the day after a order is placed.

Is there an additional charge for pumps that are needed to be shipped the next day?


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