Model MPA pumps are suitable for Capacities up to 600 GPM, and heads to 280 Feet.  Motors range from 5 to 25 HP.


VOLUTE Close grained cast iron construction with large suction and discharge ports to prevent cavitation. Volutes have pipe plugs for draining and venting the pump, and can be rotated 90 increments to conform to piping layouts.

IMPELLER Enclosed, one piece cast vibration free operation. Mounts directly onto the motor shaft, either by being keyed or threaded.

MOTORS All motors are NEMA standard, 56J threaded shaft or JM type close coupled pump motors.

SHAFT SEAL Mechanical type face seals, self adjusting for wear, and easily field replaceable.

SHAFT SLEEVE Pumps built on type JM close coupled pump motors have bronze sleeves that seal to the shaft with an O-ring. Stainless steel sleeves are also available.

MATERIALS Available in all iron, bronze fitted, and all bronze.


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