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Size 1x1-1/4x5 NPT Open Impeller 3450 RPM
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Size 1-1/2X2-5 Open Impeller 3450 RPM

Memphis' Open Impeller Centrifugal Pumps are excellent for general duty uses, within the parameters of head and volume for the different models, but they are especially suitable for pumping granular solutions. The open impellers will pass spheres up to 5/16", which enables these pumps to pump slurries, wettable powers and liquids containing clots or semi-solid masses. Motors are American made NEMA type, 56J or JM frame, with stainless shafts or sleeved shafts, depending on size. Volutes are cast iron and can be rotated in 90 increments to align the discharge port with the discharge pipe. The volute is provided with four pipe plugs. On 1/3 through 1 HP motors the impeller is screwed onto the shaft and locked with stainless lock washer and nut. On larger motors, this impeller is keyed to the shaft, and locked in place with a stainless steel cap screw and lock washer. The self-adjusting mechanical seal can easily be replaced in the field. Special seals are also available when required for handling corrosive liquids.

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